letters : record lasting memories

letters : record lasting memories

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letters to : my child : my son : my daughter contain . . .

letters stationery pack, comprising 19 sets of notepaper, where you are able to write a letter from birth to age 18. each year has four sheets of notepaper, three pages to write the letter, the sets for baby, your one and two year old has a sheet where you can write wishes you have for your child and the sets from age 3 to 18 has interview questions you can ask them each year.

each set comes with 19 envelopes so you can store the letters each year and pop it away for when they are older.

the perfect gift for a baby shower or for new parents.

letters to : our grandchild contains . . .

pass a little bit of history onto your grandchild with this set of customisable letters. each note provides space for grandparents to share stories about themselves, their family and life growing up. these special letter packs are the perfect keepsake for your grandchild, a lasting record of your family legacy and reminder of your love.

pack includes 28 sheets of note paper

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